Integration is part of any learning experience. When we journey within, we begin to bring our past experiences and the lessons they contain to light. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we integrate the various aspects of our true selves.


Synchronization occurs at various levels and stages. It begins internally by aligning the connection between the mind and body as a whole. Once achieved, it expands externally to synchronize the individual with the outside world at different scales. We are constantly connected with the whole. Just by being aware of it, we can actively and consciously participate in the process of constant evolution of life.


Every word ever written, spoken, or thought of is part of a story. Each shape cut, molded, or drawn on the physical plane creates a new structure or image. Each sound or vibration generates a new symphony. Each one of us must remember that we are the creator of our own lives and that we hold the power to change our destiny if we choose to do so.